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Family & Matrimonial

Relationship break-down is an exceptionally traumatic experience for everyone involved, including the children and family members it impacts. Our ethos is to minimise the stress, not exacerbate it. The early instruction of Fisher Law, when difficulties first present themselves, will help to minimise the risks of issues escalating and the parties’ interaction becoming increasingly and unnecessarily strained.

Shaun Fisher’s skills, developed as a Law Society accredited mediator, are perfectly tailored to address the myriad of legal problems which come with a failing relationship. Sensitivity, discretion and meticulous attention to detail are assured in our dealing with:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Ancillary relief – financial provision and the division of matrimonial assets
  • Child residency and contact arrangements
  • Child support
  • Injunctions
  • Pre nuptial agreements

We realise that if your spouse or partner is refusing to address the issues between you in a constructive and reasonable way, the intervention of the courts may be inevitable. In those circumstances your case will be presented persuasively, if necessary by a specialist barrister who shares our ethos. We will not be deterred in obtaining for you and your children the best possible court-determined outcomes. As with all areas of law in which we practice, your interests are paramount.

Your first free consultation with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. Our objective is to reassure you at that time with:

  • Honest and realistic advice
  • A clear explanation of each step
  • An outline of the issues that may arise
  • An assessment of how long the process will take
  • A fully transparent costs structure
  • Our availability to deal promptly with any queries you may have

Even if you just want to call in for an informal chat over coffee, you will be made most welcome!

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