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Conveyancing Solicitors Ballymena

House Purchase

We at Fisher Law are conscious that a house purchase may well be the biggest financial commitment that you will ever make for yourself and your family. The transaction therefore brings with it stress and worry, which we are here to minimise. Much of the anxiety, we find, comes from the complicated nature of the process.

Our objective is to reassure you with:

  • A clear explanation of each step
  • An outline of the issues that may arise
  • An assessment of how long the process will take
  • A fixed price quotation to include all the unavoidable extras charged by others, such as search/registration fees and stamp duty (SDLT)
  • Our availability to deal promptly with any queries you may have

We pride ourselves on investigating the title deeds thoroughly, ensuring the contract is fair, confirming that all appropriate rights (for access, services etc) and approvals have been granted and that all registration and stamp duty formalities are properly completed. The team at Fisher Law take immense satisfaction knowing they have meaningfully contributed to your ultimate aim of the peaceful enjoyment of your new home.

House Sale

Our approach to sales largely mirrors the attention to detail and efficiency of our House Purchase process. We apply the same diligence to each step, provide you with the comfort of a fixed price quotation, an assessment of the time involved and ready access to our team who will be glad to address any queries you may have.


We will carefully review your mortgage offer with you to ensure that you fully understand the obligations the lender seeks to impose. You will not be bound by a contractual commitment to a mortgage until we are fully satisfied that you agree to all its conditions. Thereafter we will ensure that the mortgage deed is properly registered with the Land Registers along with the transfer of the property into your name.

Commercial Conveyancing

We provide a comprehensive service to property investors, property developers, landlords and tenants in matters such as acquisitions, disposals, funding arrangements, site assembly, suites of construction contracts and commercial leases. Our emphasis is on acquiring a good understanding of your needs and providing innovative, strategic and effective advice and guidance.

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