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Landlord & Tenant

Commercial Premises

Commercial leases are complicated documents which we recommend should be properly prepared or negotiated on your behalf by your solicitor. They should include provisions for the payment of rent, covenants for repair, insurance etc and a mechanism to have the rent reviewed after a stipulated period. Our input will ensure that your interests are comprehensively addressed in the formal document which will govern your relationship with your landlord or tenant for several years to come.

If you rent your business premises you are afforded significant protection by the Business Tenancies (NI) Order 1996. Even if the term of your lease has expired, your landlord may not evict you unless a statutory notice is served within precise time limits on limited grounds, such as your persistent failure to pay rent, or because the landlord has substantial redevelopment plans. Ultimately, it may be necessary for either the landlord or the tenant to seek a determination from the Lands Tribunal as to whether the tenancy should be brought to an end, or on the terms of a new tenancy.

We at Fisher Law have many years’ experience in advising both commercial landlords and tenants, and representing them successfully at Lands Tribunal hearings. We also have considerable experience in successfully recovering rent arrears and advising parties in relation to post termination obligations, such as the resolution of landlords’ dilapidation claims.

Residential Lettings

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we will be happy to act on your behalf in the preparation and negotiation of leases/tenancy agreements, in bringing the offending party to book if s/he is failing to meet obligations imposed by your lease, such as the liability to pay rent, or carry out repairs, and to advise and provide court representation on issues such as eviction.

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