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Immigration Solicitors Ballymena

At Fisher Law we are in a position to provide the following first class legal services, availing of the expertise of a Northern Ireland qualified barrister who has specialised in these fields for many years, having practised in a number of jurisdictions including USA and India:

Asylum and Human Rights Claims

  • Review of asylum/human rights applications to the UK Home Office
  • Private and family life applications
  • Review of asylum/human rights denial decisions
  • Representation in appeals before the First Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
  • Representation in appeals before the Second Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
  • Judicial review of Home Office or Tribunal Decisions
  • Challenges to Immigration Detention

Immigration Services

Business Immigration

  • Applications under Tiers 1, 2 and 5 of the Points Based System
  • Tier 1 Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Applications for businesses which seek to employ foreign nationals
  • Challenge to Civil Penalties for unlawful employment of foreign nationals

Applications for British Citizenship

  • By birth or descent
  • Applications for Naturalization
  • The right of abode in the U.K
  • Appeals from denial of citizenship or the right of abode

Applications for Entry Clearance and Leave to Remain

  • Family Visitors
  • Family Dependants
  • Business Visitors

Applications for Settlement/Indefinite Leave to Remain

  • Marriage or Partnership with a UK Citizen
  • 10 years or 20 years long residence
  • Points Based System

European Union Treaty Rights

  • EU free movement rights for workers, students or jobseekers
  • Free movement rights of family members of EU Citizens, such as spouses, partners, children, parents or other relatives

Litigation before Tribunals and Higher Courts

  • Removal and deportation
  • Asylum/Human Rights challenges
  • Immigration Rules challenges
  • Applications for discretion outside the Immigration Rules
  • Judicial review of unfavourable decisions

Workplace Enforcement Review

In an era of increasing workplace enforcement by the UK Border Force/Home Office and punitive civil penalties of up to £20,000 per unlawful worker, it is essential for small and large business owners to ensure that their documents and employment records are in compliance. We offer a unique service in the review of workplace documents. We also represent employers in challenges to Civil Penalty notices issued by the Home Office.

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